Doleiro 2 “The empire strikes back” – Chapter 8 – The official “left” helped to impose the Bolsonaro government

How the official “left” helped to impose the Bolsonaro Government?

In 2017, the “Out Temer” movement was great.

In March 2017 demonstrations exploded against the Temer’s  Government. The International Women’s Day and teachers’ strike on March 15 were big. They led to “general strike” on March 31.

How come Michel Temer’s Government remain in power? And why did the Bolsonaro’s Government rise? What was the role of the official “left”?

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The mafias of the unions, union centrals, social movements and political parties began to be overcome. For this reason, they scheduled a new general “strike” for April 28, a Friday before a holiday, and another for June 30, another Friday, which was still important.

The next was scheduled for December 5, 2017 and was canceled in collusion with the Temer Government that postponed the vote on the Pension Reform.

From there came the abandonment of any struggle and the total focus on the elections.

The “Message to the Party” came to control the PT, with links to Operation Lava Jato, the Public Ministry and imperialism. It is led by Tarso Genro, Fernando Haddad, José Eduardo Cardozo, Aloízio Mercadante, Dilma Rousseff, Paulo Teixeira, Paulo Pimenta, Wadih Damous and others.

They pressured Lula to surrender to the Federal Police on a Saturday, without even waiting for the Federal Supreme Court (STF) resolution that would come out on Wednesday.

The Superior Electoral Court (TSE), before judging Lula’s candidacy, which had the approval of the United Nations, approved Haddad as vice … to avoid another vice.

On September 11, 2018, Fernando Haddad’s candidacy was imposed … ahead of schedule.

The official “left” legalized the fraudulent imposition of Bolsonarism in the 2018 elections.

1. The official election campaign was flashy. The mainstream press had started six months earlier.

2. The Brazilian Information Technology Security Committee found fraud in electronic voting machines. In days, Senate candidates (like Roberto Requião and Dilma Rousseff) who were dozens of points ahead, were not elected. Strangers soared from fourth to first place and became governors in Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais.

3. Operation Lava Jato’s “fight against corruption” and the mainstream media chose who was corrupt.

4. The Supreme Federal Court (STF) was controlled by an intervening general.

5. The United States acted from the Embassy, ​​the State Department, intelligence agencies, NGOs and a legion of evangelical pastors.

6. Bolsonaro’s campaign openly used box 2, as in the case of so-called fake news. Nobody was arrested.

7. The fake stab at Bolsonaro justified not participating in the debates.

8. The generals supported Jair Bolsonaro in the barracks. They threatened with a military coup if Lula was released or if Bolsonaro did not win. Today they occupy more positions in the Government than in the Military Dictatorship.

9. Candidates from the PT and the center right could not finance themselves with Caixa 2. Politicians such as João Dória Jr., now governor of São Paulo, had made a fortune with Caixa 2.

10. Lula was arrested for “Delações Premiadas”, without even having a document from the Guarujá apartment.

11. The PT campaign was made to impose the reflex of Trumpism in Brazil. Together with the PDT of Ciro Gomes, they even conspired with right-wing leaders of the size of FHC, Joaquim Barbosa (ex-president of the STF) and Rodrigo Janot (ex Attorney General). And they even hid an audio that showed the use of box 2 by Bolsonaro’s campaign.

12. The future Bolsonarist “left” announced that Bolsonarism would be invincible, refused to mobilize the people in the streets and did not raise any flag of real struggle. He did not speak a word about the ultra-corrupt public debt and privatization or the nationalization of the financial system.

13. “Message to the Party” controlled the PT using box 2.

14. “Lulism” was paralyzed.

15. Aloízio Mercadante and others legalized fraud right after the first round.

16. Ciro Gomes and Haddad acknowledged Bolsonaro’s “victory” right after the second round.

17. The revolutionary and anti-imperialist left has been very weak.

The Brazilian and Latin American peoples must survive the plight of capitalist vultures.

In the next chapter, we will talk about the Bolsonaro’s government, the massacre imposed on Brazil, the role of the official “left” at Bolsonarism command and the symptoms of popular reaction.

You have the right to know the truth!

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